No contracts. No surprise fees.

Done For You Service

Fee: $7,500 or 16% of the ad spend whichever is higher.

Facebook & YouTube ads.
Write ad copies
Video ad angles for FB/YT
Edit Videos
Design Images
Run Ads
Weekly Calls
Funnel optimization
Ads Tracking
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting

 Coaching Program

Fee: $16,000 USD

We’ll do this together, 

Create Irresistible Low Ticket Offer
Write Great Funnel Copy
Build Funnel that converts
Run ads on Facebook & YouTube
Funnel Optimization
4 month support

Partnership Deal

Fee: % of the profit.

We'll take care of Facebook Ads, Youtube ads & Funnel Optimization.

Must Have to Qualify:

Low ticket offer. Price < $97
Mid or High ticket offer
Spending more than $300 per day on ads.
Funnel does more than 2X at the front end.
2X ROAS for more than 3 months without backend.


Frequently Asked Question

Do you work with low ticket offers? 

Yes, we only work with low ticket offers. All of our clients are selling low ticket offers, so we have a lot of experience in profitably scaling low ticket offers. And we know what works and what does not after working with more than ten clients in different niches. 

Do you both build funnels and do ads?

At the moment, our focus is on ads only. We will, however, provide feedback for your funnels. 

Is there a way to learn from you?

Yes, you can join our Facebook group where we share strategies that work. And It’s FREE. If you like a more hands-on approach, then you can join our Done With You Coaching Program. : )

How much do you charge?

Let’s talk about this on a call. We pay attention to every single detail and adjust it the right way so it fits the client's specific needs and audience. That’s why it’s hard to put a general price tag on our work.

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